when you think you look ugly


no matter how remeh temeh this pos is, i will always say bismillah. who knows if it'll be useful someday?


i was writing Muslim Camp D1 until suddenly the bell rang. i thought it was my brother, so i walked downstairs with sarung to cover my hair. and even tho i have taken a bath, but i still look caludih i don't know why.

and ... jeng jeng jeng

there was a good-looking man stood in front of my house and he smiled so bright (but less bright than my future meh). I wanted to change my sarung but  then i thought that he could probably steal something while i walked upstairs to take my jilbab. so then i stayed with my sarung to cover my hair.


a good-looking man with a caludih girl. such a bad condition. he smiled so bright while i think i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly.


that's all.



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